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It has been nearly fifty years since the first human entered space, and it remains the province of an elite few. Contrast this with the airplane, which fifty years after it's birth, where aircraft were exceedingly common. Those of us who grew up during the Apollo era were certain that we'd be going into space before the dawn of the 21st Century. Obviously, that hasn't happened. With the planet rapidly becoming choked with pollution (and we can only expect this to get worse as the developing nations industrialize)it should be obvious to all that it it is past time for humanity to begin moving off this planet en masse.

It is time to change this. The efforts of groups like The X-Prize Foundation, The Planetary Society, The Mars Society, and others, simply aren't good enough. It is time for every spaceflight fanatic and science fiction fan to get angry. For far too long, we've sat back and waited for NASA and others to deliver on the dream of space travel, it is now time that we demand more support for spaceflight, not only from our elected officials, but from corporations as well. All of them have benefitted from advancements made possible by the space program. We must make them realize that investing in space is investing in their future.


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